EXCLUSIVE: MT SCJ Ingrid Gustafson ‘Recuses Herself From the Case’-(Campus Carry Bill)-RE: Seeking Reelection?

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Something’s afoot, and it’s time for the truth to be revealed. Please read (a couple of times) the documents below. The gist of the matter is this; Montana Supreme Court Justice Ingrid Gustafson (who was appointed by Bullock, which speaks volumes) has ‘recused’ herself from the case, House Bill 102 (Campus Carry Bill), which passed by a landslide in the legislative session in 2021.

Gustafson’s ‘conflict of interest’ or ‘lack of impartiality has to do (most likely) with the fact that this is ‘election year.’ Gary Marbut (President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association) added, “The Campus Carry Bill is a high-octane case. Gustafson dodged it because she’s up for reelection!”

Gustafson doesn’t want to make a hard decision (showing a lack of leadership) and doesn’t want to receive criticism. Marbut urges readers to become familiar with the following document (click here), which is a formal complaint written to the Judicial Standards Committee (a cover-up organization for judges). The ‘JSC’ dismisses cases and glosses over the misconduct of judges.

Helena District Court Judge Michael McMahon (running against Gustafson) came down hard, and in siding with the Montana Board of Regents, he opposed the freedoms granted to all Montanans in Article 2 of the Montana State Constitution (which consists of individual liberties). Guns are fully protected under the MSC, and McMahon overrode that.

Interestingly enough, there is an additional side story to all of this. House Bill 355-‘Partisan Bill’ (sponsored by Scot Kerns) revealed that many Republicans (RINOs and others) voted ‘NO’ to judges having to file for partisanship. This is an issue and needs resolution in the future. When you view the list below, you can see (by the checkmarks) which Republicans voted ‘NO.’ Three members Ed Hill, Jennifer Carlson, and Linda Reksten had regretted their ‘NO’ decision and wanted to rectify it in the next house session, for which we commend them.

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Filing partisan is crucial in the case of Supreme Court Judges and especially in Montana, where the majority of judges are liberal.

With all this being said, Montana Daily Gazette fully endorses James Brown for the position of Montana Supreme Court Judge as he is the only conservative judge on the ballot and exudes honesty and integrity. A special additional endorsement for Brown comes from Randall Pinocci Public Service Commissioner.


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