Op-Ed’s: Devon Decker HD11-Refreshing and Unassuming

So pure and fresh, ready to revitalise all

The following opinion editorials were submitted to Montana Daily Gazette on behalf of Devon Decker running for House District 11.

Dear Editor:

Devon Decker is running for House District 11, and he is the one who will protect our individual Freedom and Liberty. Unlike one of his opponents who voted for lockdowns on March 19, 2020. (Health board meetings were made known to the public.)

Our freedoms suffered immensely during the Covid 19 outbreak. Where were our individual health choices then? Devon states he will fight for these individual health choices.

When our own health choices are taken away, the alternative is tyranny and the loss of our freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty are something this country stood for. We want it back. Our children need it back.

Devon will fight for our children as an advocate for Pro-Life, parenting rights, school choices, and against the indoctrination of Critical Race Theory.

As a parent and grandparents, our children need us to fight for these rights. Please,  please, consider voting for Devon Decker. He will be the one to help us fight to obtain this.


Amber Golliday
Kila, MT

Dear Editor:

As we draw near to the June 7 primary, a good scrap is emerging for the HD11 seat.  Although I am a recent resident (2 years), I see a contest between the Blue Bloods (Skees Political Family) vs. the New Blood (Devon Decker).

These wise ole eyes hath seen this scenario many times over the years in states like TX, CA, TN, FL, and now MT.  Blue Bloods “talk the talk” but don’t “walk the walk,” as evidenced by Mrs. Skees vote on March 19, 2020, to lock down the Flathead: “a day that will live in infamy.”  The lockdown order was brought to us by Ronalee Skees, the health officer, the CDC, and Pfizer.

It’s time for the Skees Political Machine’s last run down the Bunny Hill and into the retirement lodge.

It’s time for New Blood in the State House.  Vote for Devon Decker, the “common man with a common plan” who will “walk the walk.

To paraphrase a jingle shouted at High School football games of yesteryear: “Devon, Devon, he’s our man.  If he can’t do it, no one can.”

Go Braveheart!  Go Integrity!  Go, Devon!

Coach Willie Douglass
Hungry Horse

Dear Editor:

I am writing to support Devon Decker for House District 11 in the upcoming June primary. Of the three candidates running for this office, I believe Mr. Decker will most closely adhere to the constitutional principles of liberty and limited government based on his campaign platform. Furthermore, he is refreshingly NOT a politician or a lawyer, which at this point has really become a plus in my book.

Devon’s opponents in this race are a mixed bag. One of them I can find next to nothing about other than a few mild statements about where he stands on four generic issues. He may as well be named John Doe. The other opponent of Mr. Decker, however, is quite the opposite. Ronalee Skees and her ubiquitous husband are practically ‘The Photobombers’ of Flathead politics. If there’s a political office open and you look close enough, you’re bound to find at least one of them inserting themselves into the picture. It’s like reading a “Where’s Waldo” book.

I have grown suspicious of her apparent hunger for the authority of office over the years, and I have an innate distrust of anyone so eager for a seat in the halls of power. Furthermore, Mrs. Skees has not exactly demonstrated wisdom under fire either. While a member of the health board in March 2020, she went right along with the health officer’s mandate to shut public dining businesses down (many of which never re-opened), apparently due to fear of “everyone dying in the streets.” The last thing we need is nail-biting Flathead politicians rubber-stamping authoritarian mandates when the next crisis hits, real or manufactured. And without doubt, much greater crises are in our future. This is why I am supporting Devon Decker for House District 11. 


Chris Weil

Kalispell, MT


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