Bigfork MT: “Logan Health Center” Invades Jr. High School

Close up of unrecognizable doctor vaccinating child in medical clinic, copy space

Flathead County had better wake up. Do NOT become like Bigfork Jr. High and permit ‘Logan Health’ to take over your child’s school. Rise up against this nonsense. School zones have no business partnering with rogue hospitals like Logan Health which is involved in all sorts of crazy “Covid protocol.”

These “school-based hospital clinics” arent there to primarily ‘care for sprained ankles.’ They are there to entice children and families into becoming injected with the “Covid Vaccine.” Think twice and then a third time before taking a child into a clinic like this for an injection.

In the state of Montana, children have incurred heart damage from the nefarious “Covid vaccine,” but not one child has died of “Covid.” Montana Daily Gazette has received over 20 reports of adults killed via the “Covid Vaccines” in Flathead County alone, most of which resulted from the second or third Pfizer shot and within a week’s time period.

And we have no idea what is happening behind these doors when it comes to ‘reproductive measures’ either. Buyer beware.

This isn’t the same as a trip to the nurse to get a bandaid at school; it’s a full-blown hospital clinic.


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