James Brown, Montana Supreme Court Justice #2 Candidate-Montanans are Ready for Change!


James Brown is an incredible man. Brown is running for Montana Supreme Court Justice #2, and Montanans couldn’t be more thrilled! Brown has a strong work ethic and a solid moral standard of ethics and is who Montanans have been waiting for for what seems like an eternity.

Brown stated he is “Running to preserve our rule of law and follow the Constitution bringing accountability back to the judicial branch and to protect our Montana way of life.”

What a breath of fresh air that would be!

Brown cares about everyday Montanans and their way of life. As a private practice attorney for 17 years, he represented and defended Montana’s farmers, ranchers, and small businesses.

He stated, “As a member of the Montana Supreme Court, I will work to bring consistency to the Court, avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest, avoid legislating from the bench, and be an impartial judge.”

The people of our great state are ready for big changes. We want what is fair, good, and honest, and those are the characteristics that James Brown exudes.

Vote James Brown for Montana Supreme Court Justice #2 this June 7th in the Primary Election! Montana Daily Gazette fully endorses Brown.


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  2. I just received an unsolicited “voting guide” from Planned Parenthood today – it has Mr. Brown’s name on it with their endorsement.

    Why is this??

    • Ah – never mind. PP did not endorse Mr. Brown, but listed his accomplishments, then later on in the letter attempts to smear him. My mistake and apologies.


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