“Real County Commissioners” Travel to Their People

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Yes, it’s that season, and the heat is on. Everywhere you turn, there are political candidates coming out of the woodwork ‘working’ their individual campaigns. June 7th is the Primary Election, and many Republicans are vying for the same position; there will be no general elections for those particular candidates.

In Flathead County, there are four individuals running for the role of County Commissioner. The topic we are addressing in this article is “accessibility.”

There is a reason the role is entitled “County Commissioner,” as the purpose of the commissioner is to reach out to the entire county.

Here is the scenario at hand.

Pamela Holmquist (the incumbent) is in her office sometimes, which is located within the upstairs ‘chambers’ of the Old County Courthouse located at South Main Street in Kalispell. Pam is in her office at times, but often she’s not. Holmquist seems to spend a good deal of time going to “meetings,” which, of course, is part of the job of a county commissioner and many of which are in Kalispell, but it doesn’t seem that she travels too far from her epicenter. (Holmquist is actually unfit for the role of the commissioner, as you can see by reading here and here and here).

Jack Fallon is in poor health. It doesn’t seem as though Fallon wants to travel far at all; in fact, he shared with a Flathead County resident how he wanted to “set up a computer at home to work from.” (Read here, and here, and here, about Fallon who is actually a liberal and shouldn’t even be running as a Republican).

Brian Friese shared that he wanted to work from his computer at home as “county commissioner” because he has two other businesses he works on from his residence. (This isn’t the greatest idea because the job of commissioner doesn’t need to be watered down among two other jobs, especially when the county contains more than 100,000 people!)

Jason Parce, also a commissioner candidate, has an entirely different vision than these others on how the duties and responsibilities of a county commissioner should be executed.

Truly effective county commissioners travel far and wide throughout the region of the whole county.

Parce believes it’s a 24-hour job. “Often folks work during the day and can’t make it into the commissioners’ chambers. So then, it would be my responsibility to go to where they are, whether it be Lakeside, Marion, or Olney. I’d be available to meet with people in the evening or on a Sunday if they need to talk or discuss things.”

Parce’s take on the obligation of the commissioners’ role is a far cry from holing up at home and hiding away on a laptop.

“Sure, there are times when one needs to do ‘paper and busy work.’ But the commissioners’ purpose is to serve the people; at the very least, the commissioner should be in their office and accessible to the community, not in their house miles away in some bedroom. There may be a need to work from home on occasion, but by no standard should that be the norm. We need to be here to meet with the public; it’s the role of a public servant.”

Folks vote well in the June 7th Primary. Vote Parce for County Commissioner. (You can read here and here and here about Jason Parce and his incredible attributes).


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  1. You have got to be kidding here!

    More facts for the reader:
    • Jason Parse was recently fired from the City of Kalispell Police force. He was told to remove his political images in uniform from his candidate literature.

    • Montana is not Right to Work, so in order to fire any employee, you must have some very justifiable cause; especially so in a City Police Department.

    • Jason Parse is under Investigation by Montana POST (Public Safety Officer Standards & Training) as well, again very interesting why they are involved as well. These folks determine if you can even be a law enforcement employee, with their authority over standards.

    • Montana HR laws are keeping these details private, as they should until the investigation is over, and while I understand you are innocent until proven guilty, this cloud of investigation is very concerning in a candidate running for office.

    • We already have a great, proven conservative Pam Holmquist running for re-election with a great conservative record, so why would we vote for the unknown?
    Half of your story of support revolves around Jason’s experience in Law Enforcement, so I thought I’d add a little more truth you decided not to include…for the potential voter.

    As for me, I am voting for the proven conservative leader Pam Holmquist.

  2. Pam Holmquist has been in the Flathead County Commissioner seat for 12 years now. During the 2+years of the lockdowns which destroyed economies across the country, she has proven she does not understand freedom or her oath to the constitution by supporting it locally. 12 years is long enough for anyone to serve. She’s on every board and consistently supports poor judgement throughout the community. She is a nice person, but this office needs leadership!

    Jason Parce is the only candidate who is not part of the establishment, understands our local community, and actually has proven this in our community by his ACTIONS, not just words. He has ideas for solutions for the county and our local economy. Any of the doubt cast by local media outlets as to Jason’s separation from KPD, is obviously to discredit his character. The timing is perfect, so anyone with critical thinking skills should wonder “why?”. One might conclude that the establishment doesn’t want solutions, but the same-old members of the club to continue with business as usual. The media wants to continue to scare us. The local establishment does not want their rogue activity and pet projects exposed.

    Remember what happened to our community by the continuous propagated fear?
    Local businesses, public schools, homeless, housing, employment, health freedom – all suffered. Who was in charge of our county?

    Jason Parce
    County Commissioner!


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