The Battle of “Pam and Jack” (It’s Getting Ridiculous)

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It just never seems to end. The ongoing drama of “Pam and Jack” (which sounds like a 70’s breakup song) is getting old. People are tired of these two. They are sick and tired of the RINO PAC “Flathead First” and their goofy mailers.

Jack’s NOT CONSERVATIVE and he totally massacred the Montana State ConstitutionDon’t be deceived by this RINO! Jack is a DISASTER on the School Board.
Love Lives Here love Pam Holmquist and that is totally insane.

It’s time for a change in a big way. There is so much information out there in the community concerning these two that to neglect studying them is sheer disregard.

Counties need change.

Today at the open public County Commissioners’ meeting Jack Fallon was wheezing loud enough that you could hear it. He is NOT physically well. It is literally cruel for the left to keep pushing him full speed ahead when he could barely make it up the second floor to the meeting room! Fallon also chopped the Montana State Constitution to shreds! He is the grand daddy of the rogue group entitled “Flathead First” comprised of liberals disguised as “Conservative Republicans.” Get informed! Read up on this liberal RINO and “Flathead First” by clicking here and here and here.

Love Lives Here (the LGBTQ group who love the filthy book ‘Gender Queer’) and who just trashed Jesse Slaughter (Cascade County’s Constitutional Sheriiff) and drug him through the mud, LOVE Pam Holmquist. (That speaks volumes)- They praise her up and down which shows you exactly how liberal she is. For those who don’t know what Love Lives Here is it’s an affiliate of the ‘Montana Human Rights Network’ who is funded by the infamous George Soros. Read about Pam Holmquist’s antics here, here, and here.

There is ONE solution to keep this county from turning full blown “Seattle and Portland” and his name is Jason Parce.

Jason intricately understands homelessness, addiction, crime, and private property rights which are the biggest concerns for Flathead County residents.

Pam Holmquist is unable to navigate the huge changes coming to this county and a large part of that involves mental health, crime and homelessness of which she really has little to no hands on or knowledgeable experience in dealing with. And whether you’re liberal, democrat, liberatarian, or republican or “whatever,” these issues AFFECT EVERYONE.

Here’s the next solution. Toss all the crazy “Pam and Jack” propaganda you receive right here:

Research Fallon and Holmquist. You will be shocked at what you find.

Flathead County needs Jason Parce. Without him we will lose our county. Vote on June 7th in the Primary and vote Parce.


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