Montana Veteran Association CEO “Pins” Gary Marbut in Honor of Years of Service

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The Montana Shooting Sports Association Banquet which took place tonight in Missoula and was nothing short of remarkable. Many surprises occurred, including what you see written below. Sam Redfern attended the event and presented Gary Marbut (President of the MSSA) with the following award. It was an outstanding evening, and we congratulate and honor Marbut for his years of service.

For over 40 years, Gary Marbut has been leading the way in Montana on 2A issues, firearm safety, and training. Marbut is a US Army Veteran and leading expert on 2A issues. Montana Veterans Association (MVA) CEO and OIF/OEF Veteran Sam Redfern was proud to pin him with the Freedom, Security, and Prosperity award and recognize Marbut’s years of service to our nation, Montana, and his work with the Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA).

We also want to thank Redfern for attending and for all he does for our veterans!

Redfern “Pins” Marbut with the Freedom, Security, and Prosperity Award
Marbut and Redfern men of valor


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