As ‘Mayor,’ Tammi Fisher Signed Jason Parce’s Award “The Exceptional Service Medal”

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Recently Tammi Fisher of Kalispell wrote a ridiculous and fraudulent ‘hit piece’ on Jason Parce. Parce is not under investigation and has been lied about in the media by Fisher. As can be expected, with this being an election year (and the fact that Pam Holmquist and Fisher are friends and the primary for voting is June 7 and quickly approaching) it’s very telling as to why Fisher wrote the warped piece on Parce. The fact is that Holmquist and Parce are both running for Flathead County Commissioner.

As you can see below, while she was Mayor of Kalispell, Fisher willingly signed Parce’s award, which stated he “demonstrated a high level of competence, thoroughness, assertiveness, professionalism, and compassion in the job he has done for the schools, and the citizens of Kalispell and everyone we serve.”

Let that sink in. And even now, Jason Parce aims to serve the “Citizens of Kalispell” and the entire county.

This June 7 vote Parce for County Commissioner of Flathead County. He is by far the most competent of all those running for this important position.


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