MSSA EVENT EXCLUSIVE: Candidate Mary Todd Unable to Get the Facts Straight-Zinke Absent AGAIN

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On Saturday evening at the Montana Shooting Sports Association Banquet Mary Todd (Congressional Candidate for District 1) made a reckless and fraudulent comment stating that “Ryan Zinke voted to ban .50 Caliber guns.” This is absolutely untrue and an outright lie.

Vice President of the MSSA Randall Pinocci revealed that “No bill has ever existed in the Montana State Legislature.”

President of the MSSA Gary Marbut shared that “To my knowledge, such a bill banning the .50 Caliber weapon has never occurred in the state of Montana.”

Furthermore, a bill concerning the .50 Caliber gun has never made it to the point of being “voted on” anywhere or at any time in the US Congress!

What Ryan Zinke (who was not present at the event and declined to debate the other four candidates running for Congressional District 1) did say was: “Citizens should not be able to possess .50 caliber rifles.” (Zinke also believes the weapon should be outlawed in the state of Montana.) California does have a ban on .50 caliber guns.

Mary Todd is inept and incompetent and can’t get the facts straight; she certainly has no place serving in Congress, where huge decision-making occurs. She is not qualified and not experienced, having never been in the legislature previously and for obvious other reasons. Todd also lacks self-control. When asked a simple question after the debate, she came UNGLUED and was extremely rude and shaming. The question presented to Todd was:

“With no legislative experience, how will you get the legislature to vote for your bills?

She raised her voice and scolded, “Were you not here tonight? Did you not listen to what I said?!? I cannot be bought! I will end Government corruption! They know who I am!”

Mary Todd is high-strung, extremely emotional, and lacks experience. Spouting off statements where she can’t keep her facts straight is one of many good reasons not to vote for her. Todd will not be able to get by with such antics in Washington D.C.

Todd isn’t the only one who lacks self-control and courtesy.

It is downright rude for Zinke (who owes it to the people of Montana to make at least an appearance) to refuse to debate his opponents. Zinke has lied and cheated and deceived Montanans. You can read more truth about Ryan Zinke by clicking here, (watch the Video within where Zinke loses his temper) and here, and here and here.

Dr. Al Olszewski, the Conservative Congressional Candidate (and the only one of four who was present for the debate who has legislative experience), rebuked Zinke by stating, “Zinke doesn’t believe the people of Montana are relevant. If he did he would be here tonight and joining in this debate.”

Olszewski continued as he referred to the audience, “We are the 2nd Amendment-We are the NRA! The rights to bear arms shall not be infringed!”

Dr. Al Olszewski is the only viable candidate for Montana Congressional Representative District 1 PERIOD.

Take heed: a vote for “Mary Todd” is a vote for Zinke.

Vote Dr. Al Olszewski for Montana Congressional Representative District 1, and do not delay! Experience matters! To find out more about this incredibly knowledgable and only outstanding candidate click here, here, and here and here.


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