Montana’s Job Recovery Breaking Records. 2.3% Unemployment, But Inflation is a Killer


    The Montana Department of Labor and Industry released a report today reporting that despite inflation taking a nasty toll on Montanan families, key employment indicators are remaining strong, thanks to a record low unemployment rate and total people employed reaching unprecedented numbers. According to Governor Greg Gianforte:

    “Montana’s record-breaking jobs recovery and economic comeback are strong thanks to hardworking Montanans. Our continued focus on cutting taxes, rolling back red tape, and attracting and training workers in critical industries like health care, construction, and manufacturing is key to fueling future job creation, growth, and prosperity.”

    The bedrock of the economy is the record low 2.3% unemployment rate, which is the 5th lowest in the country and is only beaten by Nebraska and Utah: 1.9%, Indiana: 2.2%, and New Hamshire: 2.3%.

    The fact that all these states are run by Republican governors should not be lost on anyone, nor the fact that states with the highest unemployment rate- California, District of Columbia, Washington, Nevada, and New Mexico, are all run by Democrats. The MDLI reports

    Five of the 6 months with the lowest unemployment rate in Montana history have been on Gov. Gianforte’s watch – January to April 2022 and November 2021.

    More than 28,000 jobs have been created in Montana since Gov. Gianforte was elected in November 2020. Montana’s total employment is at its highest level ever recorded with 547,573 Montanans working and with 2,232 additional employed workers over March.

    In April, Montana’s labor force reached another record high at 560,706, with roughly 2,268 new workers entering the state’s labor force.

    It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. Montanans are suffering under some of the highest inflation prices in the nation, with the price of goods over increasing 13% in the last year, showing that even we can’t escape the consequences of President Biden’s disastrous mismanagement of the economy. The decrepit Destroyer-in-Chief recklessly spent trillions of dollars when he have to, effectively giving all of us a swift kick to the head and a hole in our wallets.

    Montana households are paying an average of $652 more per month due to inflation, including $66 more in food costs, $107 more in shelter costs, $290 more in transportation costs, and $166 more in energy costs.

    On an annualized basis, Montanans are facing cost increases of more than $7,800 per year due to inflation, according to the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee.


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