MSSA “Montana Daily Gazette” Interviews Marci Marceau, Dresma Meissner, and More-Subject: “Lost Gun Rights”

Handgun lying over a copy of the United States constitution and the American flag.

An excellent time was had by all at the recent meeting of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, which took place in Missoula, Montana.

Montana Daily Gazette was live on the scene and had a great time interviewing various candidates from around the state. Because the theme was “Guns,” Public Service Commissioner Randall Pinocci came up with the following question for those we interviewed.

The question was this:

“What pro-gun bill will you introduce to get our lost gun rights back?” (Most candidates agreed it wasn’t the easiest question).

Candidate Sonia Shearer-Hiett House District 98 had this to say- “I would have to go with the ‘Red Flag’ bill and get that removed-do not infringe on ANY of our 2nd Amendment Rights.”

Representative Ron Marshall Victor Mt, House District 87 impressively shared-“We did pass 102, and it’s in the court because of the Board of Regents. But a better question should be since when does an unelected board have the authority to take away someone’s Constitutional Rights, their Freedom of Speech, and their 2nd Amendment Rights? We need to look at that.”

He continued When I see states like California where now you’ve got to get a thumbprint to buy ammunition (which is ridiculous) -I don’t even want to see that here; everything needs to be allowed from paintball guns to .50 Cals.”

Candidate Alan Ault running for House District 90 declared-“Right now I’m not aware of a bill that needs to be introduced to help our gun rights but I’m sure on board with any that should come forward-but we need to protect our gun rights badly with this current administration in Washington (D.C.)”

Desma Meissner running for Senate District 12 revealed she had filled out the paperwork (questionnaire) for Montana Shooting Sports Association and was waiting to hear back from them. Her answer to the question was-” I believe a bill covering ‘Ghost Guns’ is really important. My brother is really into that and I think it’s important.”

Marci Marceau running for House District 26 (endorsed by Montana Shooting Sports Association) shared enthusiastically-“What I would like for us to look at is the concept that certain felonies (meaning non-violent crimes etc.) should not restrict people from their gun rights and have their guns taken away from them and especially when they have done their time and done what’s right.”

Well, there you have it! It was great getting to hear from these folks running for office or who’ve been in office prior and getting their take on this important matter. We are glad to know they care about liberty and gun rights for the state of Montana!


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