Op-Ed: LGBTQ Elementary School Demonstrates Why Montana Needs to Pass our Own ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill


An Elementary School in Bolton, Massachusetts shows the wisdom of Florida passing the excellent Parental Rights in Education act (known by dishonest and scurvy critics as the “don’t say gay bill”)- a move that Montana legislators need to be following in order to protect our children and stave off further grooming into radical ideologies. And not only that but the rate at which confused kids are begging to identify as transgender has reached epidemic proportions, with one school district reporting 10% of kids identifying as “gender diverse” and a recent Gallup poll showing 1 in 5 Gen Z (1997-2003) identifying as LGBTQ, failing to pass stringent anti-grooming laws for teachers and schools in complicity in the child abuse that many students will undergo by radical transactivists.

While Montana prides itself on being a relatively conservative state, massive cracks are forming. Currently, over 20 states have laws in place that are hostile to this sort of activism. Montana is not one of them. And we need to be.

Case in point, Florence Sawyer School chose to feature the ABC’s of FLGBTQ (Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) with a little note behind each flag, teaching students about what each one means. Here are a few notes inside:

Naturally, half of this stuff is nonsensical. There is no need to teach elementary children what drag is with all its gaudy and creepy panache. If a school needs flags, they can have the flags of the world, not the 96 flags of perversity and confusion.

This sort of thing is coming for our children, and in many ways is already here. Its time to be proactive and put a stop to it. Take a page from Ron DeSantis, and begin to wage war.


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