Squandering Millions? Ryan Zinke’s ‘Seal-PAC’ Plagued by Ethical Questions, Misleading Claims


We’ve written at length about Ryan Zinke before, detailing his many acts of malfeasance and shady shenanigans that have followed him his whole career, with a few notable examples being the series we recently did on him:

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Truly, scandal and ethical complaints have followed him wherever he’s gone. Zinke was investigated 18 times in only two years as Interior Secretary for misappropriation of funds, corrupt land deals, personal enrichment, and waste of taxpayer dollars. That’s 18 times out of 24 months, or in other words, 75% of the time he was Interior Secretary he was under investigation.

Now, in a new report by Roll Call, questions are being raised about the integrity, efficiency, and truthfulness of his political Super-PAC, the Supporting and Electing American Leaders Political Action Committee (SEAL PAC) created to help him win the new vacant house seat. Zinke is the chairman of this PAC, and they are not operating above board.

“SEAL PAC’s ads all strongly suggest the group raises money solely for Republicans who are military veterans. The group’s “mission,” its website says, is “electing conservative veterans.” The site depicts numerous SEAL PAC-backed candidates — with military service affiliations noted for each and every one. 

But the reality is different. A CQ Roll Call analysis has found that nearly a quarter of the 129 candidates who have gotten SEAL PAC money so far in the 2022 election cycle never served in the U.S. military.” 

Through this deception, Zinke’s PAC is “using the military’s positive public image as bait to secure donations for not just veterans but also for entrenched nonveteran politicians.”

The other main issue at hand is the major inefficiency of the PAC, which is raising millions on the promise of helping veteran candidates, all the while the vast majority of their expenses go towards paying themselves and their own salaries. It’s a pretty little scheme if you think about it- giving next to nothing away but rather blowing it all on generous wages and benefits while pretending to have altruistic intentions.

“Only about 12 percent of the roughly $5.8 million the group has spent so far in the 2022 election cycle has gone to candidates, and some 87 percent has gone to the group’s operating expenditures, a CQ Roll Call analysis of federal records shows. 

In the 2020 election cycle, the group spent just 5 percent of the more than $9 million it raised on candidates, records show.”

These people! This is a foretaste of things to come. If you thought Zinke learned his lesson and would smarten up after getting his snout smacked back in Washington, you haven’t been paying attention. He can’t be trusted to do the right thing, and this is further proof of that.


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