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Here’s an easy lesson in “political theater,” “connecting the dots,” and “following the money” – 

Two hit pieces, formatted identically-  targeting two of the most conservative candidates of this election cycle –  Alan Lackey For HD88 and Randy Mitchell for HD14.

Both hit pieces are made and paid for by a PAC with a conservative-sounding name – Conservatives4MT.  But all PACs are to be registered with the COPP in an effort to prevent dark money in our state. This conservative-sounding PAC is actually funded by D and F-rated former legislators, the liberal side of the Republican party, anything BUT Conservative! 

“The truth is Alan Lackey stood up for public lands and won Ravalli County, MT”

Right now, conservative candidate Alan Lackey of Stevensville, MT, is getting hammered by his opposition over a stand Lackey took against the exploitation of public lands. At issue were plans to open 96% of a national forest to energy development. Lackey, who is running for House District 88, said the forest service was about to fully industrialize an incredible hunting area that he had been hunting for years, and when he noticed they weren’t following an open public process or taking steps normally required to protect the watershed he took a stand. “I’ve got no problem with energy development if it’s done right,” Lackey noted, “but when the Forest Service told me this was a ‘done deal,’ and there was nothing I could do about it, it bot ered me. None of the normal permitting processes were going to be being followed. Backroom deals were driving the whole thing.”

Lackey had years of experience as a ranch manager where his role included acting as a liaison with oil and gas companies and facilitating responsible energy production on the ranch. He knew the processes that were supposed to be followed and the importance of sealing off well casings to protect the groundwater from contamination. “On this project, the NRA and the oil and gas company were aligned with some big politicians in Washington DC.

“I went back there and met with the NRA, and they eventually changed their policy and sided with me.”

Lackey’s familiarity with the project stemmed from his cowboying days on a large ranch that had been donated to the Carson National Forest.

“They got the best part of the ranch. It was prime country and an incredible hunting ground. I spent time hunting and guiding on it,” Lackey recalled. Oil and gas development was running rampant in the region, and when Lackey found out they were planning to drill this section of public land, he got involved. “I basically said, ‘Hey, drill some, leave some — and don’t contaminate the water.”

Lackey’s opponent in the HD 88 race is Wayne Rusk. Rusk’s supporters are trying to play Lackey up as an anti-gun, environmental extremist. Lackey is actually a constitutional conservative who took a stand against corrupt over-exploitation of public lands – and won.

“To this day, you can still hunt and fish there. It’s a beautiful area.” Lackey said.

Are you getting the picture?  The two hit pieces are packed with ancient and distorted lies and half-truths and were sent in support of Vernon Wayne Rusk, who doesn’t find any value in the 10th Amendment and states rights, and his Uncle Denley, who is also D and F rated according to LegiststatsLegislatorLoyalty.com and a member of the liberal Solution Caucus.  Birds of a feather…?

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Uncle Denley Loge
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Randy Mitchell’s rebuttal makes things perfectly clear when he states, “I’ve never spent one night in jail, have a clean record, and I have my gun rights. (Read Mitchell’s letter below)

2022: Truth, Context, and Facts still Matter

“The Month of May has provided every registered Voter in House District 14 (Mineral and Eastern Sanders County) with a Mailbox full of Political mailers from some Candidates running for various offices in this coming June 7th Primary election. There is one in particular that I have found to be personally very disturbing.

I am running in this race to become a Public Servant to represent you, the Constituents of HD14, in the Montana State Legislature.

One side of this Particular Mailer illustrates a list of selling points for my one and only opponent in this campaign. On the other side of this same mailer that was sent out, there was an attack on my personal character, which contains zero context and some very deceitful statements. The information was found by a person who is supporting my opponent in this House district 14 race.

I am going to provide the facts, context, and Truth for clarification of the misleading claims against me;

The charges that have been illustrated have been expunged from my record for many years, and my Gun rights had only been taken away in the state of Washington back in 1988, over 34 years ago. The charge stemmed from an incident regarding a refrigerator and a tenant of an old low-income apartment house that I owned at the time when I was in my twenties; now, I’m in my early sixties. I was also born in Montana, and as many of you have had to do, I moved away to find work so I could support and raise my family. After spending over forty years in the commercial construction industry, I voted in the state that I was residing in at the time I was building.

The person who found the information went to great lengths to find “dirt” on me, as they say in politics, and the information that he found only states that my Gun Rights had been reinstated and a simple note as to why they were taken away in January of 1988. I have never spent one night in jail in my life.

It is very unfortunate that some of the supporters of my opponent in this Primary election have taken this very underhanded approach to try and sway the voters’ opinion of me in such a way.

The advertisement in the newspaper that was put out by my opponent stating that he had no knowledge of this information being illustrated is just simply strangers with the Truth.”

Randy D Mitchell

Primary Candidate for HD14

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IMAGINE THAT! I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence. If this is the “best of the worst,” the Rusk oppositional research team can come up with is dirt on Alan Lackey; one article from 18 years ago, written by a liberal rag where he was misquoted and was ultimately successful in bringing multiple interest groups together, including the NRA for the protection of Public Land, they truly have nothing on Lackey.

He’s solid.  

Oppositional Research on Rusk has revealed 2 DUIs in the past ten years, and now we’re seeing massive amounts (upwards of $40K) of inappropriate, dark money bankrolling Rusk’s campaign. 

Politics is full of political theater.    

Don’t believe me? Check out the personal voting records of those who make up the “Conservatives4MT” PAC at www.KnowYourRINOS.com–  Here is even more about the “Conservatives 4MT” PAC!

Read about Maclaren here, Tutvedt here, and Ank ey here. (Let’s talk more about Gary McClaren).

Gary Maclaren was one of the original Log Cabin Republicans that worked with Schweitzer to blow up the state budge by 25%! The Log Cabin Republicans renamed themselves-“The Responsible Republicans,” and now they are THE SOLUTION CAUCUS. They are all neo-cons, transpartisan, progressive liberal Republicans who LOVE SPENDING FEDERAL MONEY!

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It’s the Truth- D/F rated Rep Denley Loge is Vernon “Wayne” Rusk’s Uncle.

Don’t “buy” this bull s right! Vote conservative. Vote Lackey and Mitchell.


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  1. Why is Alan getting hammered? HE STOOD UP FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? It has to be RINOS and DEMS doing the hammering as they don’t like BUSH and they are just in general miserable people. NO fun -not even when they are drunk and then they get morose – and whiny.

    Alan should be PRAISED or even stepping up to try and run for office. IT is NOT an easy thing to do. Its time consuming, its expensive and you are called all kinds of names and vilified for everything that idiot dems and rings find on the web.

    Instead, contact ALAN and THANK Him for trying! Talk to him! Find out his background and why he wants to run and what he thinks he can do well for the valley. Attacks just turn folks off and they stop reading so try the opposite. Ask him questions you would like to know the answers to and share with us. Let’s come together and get the best candidates possible.
    Try it, you might like it!


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