The LGBTQ Pride Flag Hangs in the Capitol Building: Whose Idea Was This?


In 2019, Governor Steve Bullock was blasted by Republican leadership for flying the gayest flag of them all at the state capitol building, causing controversy as leaders like Scott Sales and Greg Hertz blasted the decision as an “an unmistakable act of disrespect to our state and the people and institutions we serve and beneath the office of the governor.”

Yesterday, in order to mark the start of ‘Pride Month’ – that time when every company known to man virtue-signals by slapping a rainbow filter on their brand in order to commemorate one community’s perversions and make a quick buck on gay-themed products, a rainbow flag hung in the rotunda of the capitol building once more, though this time the GOP is in power and the political landscape is very different.

Pride flag at Montana Capitol building. June 2, 2022

It begs the question of who put it there, and whether or not this action is officially sanctioned by Gianforte and his team. Right now the silence is deafening, and the buck stops with him. We’re of the mind that no governor or political leader should ever participate in Pride parades, nor promote the festivities in any way, on account of their complete lack of redeeming qualities. It is, little more than a propaganda exhibition. For this reason, republicans should feel no need to budge an inch on the issue, no matter the pressure and kicking and screaming the rainbow mafia applies

Last year when we covered one Pride parade, we lamented that “At the rate we’re going, we would not be surprised if the big push next year is to have “The Summer of Pride’ where gay folks will have June, July, and August to celebrate their sexual deviancy.”

This has proven to be prescient, after Montana Pride signaled their intention to have two at least months of LGBTQ events, with the third month keyed up if unspecified ‘someones’ continue to ‘attack them.’

Potentially a quarter of the year for this? The celebration of men having sex with other men has truly dominated our political discourse. You’ll recall that while sounding fun and harmless, Pride events and exhibitions frequently feature a lack of inhibitions coupled with some of the grotesque and garish spectacles out there, another stutter step in the effort to groom the next generation into believing that there is nothing unusual about this at all.

For example, last year’s Pride event in Helena featured a drag show where scantily-clad performers danced and strutted about, twerking and throwing themselves across the stage in a stripper routine, writhing on the floor while young children and young teens threw dollar bills at them as if they were in a strip club. It’s tragic to behold. Sadly, this is par for the course for an event whose whole purpose is to justify to themselves their behavior and to convince the world that what they’re doing is not wrong.

If anyone has any information on further promotion of pro-Pride Month events by our Republican politicians, please contact us. We’d love to have a word.


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  1. “Our community is under attack” is a peculiar statement considering that this community has:
    LGBT Pride month, Trans day of visibility, Trans Awareness Month, Pronouns Day, Bisexual Awareness Week, Genderfluid Visibility Week, Celebrate Bisexuality Day, Day of Silence, LGBT History Month, Agender Pride Day, Ace Week.
    This is not the full list of days, weeks, and months dedicated to a group that without being shoved down everybody’s throats would represent less than 0.1% of the population.
    The question is for how long people would be more afraid of being called transphobic bigots than of their children being consumed by the cult that is profiteering from mutilating teens’ bodies? When they’ll add Celebrate MAPs year?

  2. I see no reason not to simply take it down. If someone unceremoniously dumped the thing there, might as well unceremoniously put it away.


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