Montanans For Limited Government Pull Endorsement, Expose Dark Money, and More

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As the voting Primary is soon upon us (June 7), MFLG has made some last-minute changes.

Endorsement Pulled

MFLG’s recommendation of Timothy McKenrick (R) HD75 is hereby pulled. Recent information has led us to determine he is not a suitable candidate for legislative office.

COPP Finding on CSPF Matter

The attached image shows the MT COPP has found merit in the claim the CSPF violated Montana law. Any damage, however, is done in HD17, HD88, and SD43. No amount of financial punishment can unwind their wrongdoing. 


A Florida PAC named U.S. Term Limits has spent over $32,000 in Montana legislative races. Their reports do not name the specific candidates they are advocating for or how much was spent on each individual candidate. We do know they sent four mailers for Kaitlyn Ruch (R) in HD84. They also sent one mailer against Keith Pigman (R) in that same HD84 race. 

This group appears to be another dark money Convention of States PAC. We are NOT okay with this, just like we are NOT okay with CSPF spending over $120K in three Montana legislative races.

Montana Daily Gazette recently reported on Timothy McKenrick, of which you can read the article here.


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