Holmquist Beats Fallon by 42 Votes; We Still Don’t Need a New Jail or Your Other Inept Fiscal Messiness

characters of the book "Alice in Wonderland" Tweedledum and Tweedledee

With the last of the “provisional votes” in and counted, Holmquist beat Fallon by 42 votes, and frankly, we don’t know whether we should laugh, cry or beat our heads against a wall.

Most likely, we would choose the latter.

Fallon’s documents made it very apparent that he didn’t want ‘unelected officials’ (meaning ‘We the People’) having any sort of say whatsoever when it comes to ‘the commission (which is frightening).

However, Holmquist is no saint as she isn’t as fiscally wonderful as she wants everyone to believe. She wasted 30k on a headhunter out of Seattle, Washington trying to find a “Health Officer,” which went awry, and they ended up with NO ONE and will waste even more of the taxpayers’ money by starting all over again in the fall!

But there’s more.

Holmquist, naive as ever, wants to “build a new jail.” Miss ‘fiscally responsible’ will do so at the taxpayers’ expense, of course. No, Pam, we don’t need a new jail as we recently had a major remodel on our old jail. We don’t need new a new jail; we need drug rehabilitation, as our jail houses 80% of those involved in non-violent crimes versus those making up 20% of violent crimes. It’s not the best idea to keep locking people up for drug abuse every other week when what’s needed is the hiring of more mental health experts and detox and rehab centers and facilities.

Flathead County is in a destructive, dysfunctional pattern, and Holmquist only adds to the folly with her ridiculous ideas.

Of course, Fallon wants a recount. You can read the details of that and Holmquist’s self-assessment here.

Flathead County traded Tweedledee for Tweedledum.


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