Zinke: “Nancy Pelosi is a Brilliant Woman” and He Begged Montanans for “$5 Each” When Fearing a Recount

Money Still Life

Zinke is no conservative and was never concerned for Montanans while running for Congress this past year.

However, once he thought he had secured the Republican nomination for the 2nd Congressional seat, he quickly rushed to Montanans for help begging everyone to donate “at least $5 each” to help pay for an “expensive recount” if the need arose.

Oh, SURE come groveling to the people of Montana NOW when before you weren’t concerned one iota as you raked in out-of-state funding and Washington D.C. greenbacks. This is the same man who received money from California’s Kevin McCarthy while stating, “Jim Jordan is a good guy, but I need to keep my eye on McCarthy.”

Keep your eye on him for what; to see how much funding he donated to you?

Why on earth were you so ready to beg Montanans for cash? You acted like you didn’t need a dime from the peons of our great state while running for the position of Congressman previously. By not showing up to debate your constituents you were rude and uncalled for and now you came to Montanans for cash or wanted to for fear of a recount? Don’t forget you won by very little, and many Conservative Montanans are appalled at this “win.”

While at the pachyderm meeting in Kalispell fairly recently, Zinke stated that “Nancy Pelosi is a brilliant woman” and proceeded to boast about how many times he had had the chance to visit with her. Seriously? This is not something to brag about. Zinke is so far off in left field, and the ball is over the fence. Zinke is enamored with Washington D.C., which speaks volumes.

Stop involving Montanans in your narrative when, before, you wouldn’t give them the time of day.


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