Flathead County Commissioners’ ‘Skew Promise’ and Allow ‘Coerced Injections’ (Joe Russell STILL Hasn’t Provided Informed Consent)

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In the fall of 2021, two Flathead County Commissioners promised to NEVER agree to “Forced Covid Vaccinations.”

Randy Brodehl stated the following at the Red Lion when he remarked, “That is a line I will never cross.”

Pam Holmquist stated the same thing in the commissioners’ “chambers” during the same season when she confidently stated, “Forced vaccinations are where we don’t cross the line.”

Oh, how time changes matters.

The slow-cooking frogs in the pot are getting hotter by the minute and are now roasting themselves. They may not be ok with “forcing vaccinations” but deceptive coerced injections are just that-deceiving.

Each of the current commissioners, Brodehl, Holmquist, and Abell, are allowing coerced Covid vaccinations; this time, babies are the victims. How appalling. They voted for federal funding for wee ones to receive the terrible toxic injections.

Their retort concerning these ‘shots’ has been, “Well, it’s the people’s right to choose.”

But what exactly are the ‘people’ choosing? The current inept Health Officer Joe Russell REFUSES (and has all along) to provide informed consent to the public meaning the very real side effects incurred by “Covid Vaccinations.” (And yes, he resigned, and yes, a new ‘Interim Health Officer’ will take over in a few days, but what then?)

What this means is that if the new ‘Interim Officer’ isn’t somehow FORCED to provide a full ‘informed consent form’ to parents with minor children and others receiving the “Covid Vaccine” then they too will most likely just meander along aimlessly in regard to this area of heavy concern. And it’s the Commissioners who are to see that the Health Officer provides informed consent!

The citizens of Flathead County have BEGGED the Commissioners via live meetings, zooms and emails to make Russell pull his act together and put it in writing.

But no.

These folks simply don’t think an informed consent form is important. Holmquist simply, “Joe don’t you have that form done yet?” So negligent.

Furthermore, the three commissioners, Brodehl, Holmquist, and Abell, allowed for federal funding to go through to inject babies, and, yes WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT. This was very, very poor judgment on their part, not only because the injections are so toxic, but if a child dies or is injured in Flathead County from these injections, then the Health Board could be sued for negligence.

Duh. No, Joe doesn’t care. He loves “vaccinating” unsuspecting babies and children.

Who’s to say if the new ‘Interim Officer’ will do anything differently?

Check out the following submitted by a highly informed and concerned Flahtead County resident who shared a week ago on social media.

“Last Tuesday morning our Flathead County Commissioners flooded our county with federal funding to “Covid Vaccinate” our babies. They opted in to receive 39k to help promote, coerce, and bribe, parents to experiment on their babies and press vaccines at sports physicals and in schools. The US is the ONLY COUNTRY now that decided to experiment on 6 month olds.

And it’s way beyond just the “Covid Vaccines” we’re talking about.

She continued,

The Commissioners didn’t waste a second getting their agendas against healthy citizens back underway…concerning the “poison children federal grant funding” that the Flathead Commissioners all passed this morning “because they always do”….“Either party may terminate this contract at any time”…..so if citizens said “no thank you” – they are supposed to work for US! Federal compliance and reporting is required when accepting the funding.

There are coercive incentives and a heavy push for pushing the very damaging HPV one into children at school clinics and sports physicals. It mentions how to coerce parents and that database tracking is also a high priority.

In conclusion, neither the Commissioners or the County Attorney are holding the Health Officer accountable for a true detailed ‘Informed Consent’ (concerning the very real side effects incurred via the “Covid Vaccine”) which could easily result in a law suit for the Flathead County Board of Health should a “vaccinated” child become injured or die. Furthermore it is incredibly unethical not to expose the truth about the toxicity these injections can pose to the citizens of Flathead County. Montana Daily Gazette has received 20 reports of residents of Flathead County who have died from the toxic injections and usually its from the “Pfizer Vaccine” and upon the 2nd or 3rd injection with death occurring withing 3 to 7 days.


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