CALL TO ACTION! -Carmen Cuthbertson: ‘Ethical, Educated, and Exhibits Excellence’- Candidate for ImagineIF Library Trustee (Kalispell MT)

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The left is not happy.

Love Lives Here, and the Flathead County Library Alliance are scared. But that is only because they do not have a viable or detailed or moral understanding of why it’s so important to protect the youth of Flathead County or elsewhere for that matter.

These folks will do anything they can to keep Carmen Cuthbertson from filling the ImagineIF Library Trustee position. They are BEGGING their “camp” to write letters debunking Cuthbertson due to a ‘lack of experience and censorship.’

But those assumptions are FALSE.

Carmen Cuthbertson is not only qualified, but she’s highly qualified to fill the position of ImagineIF Library Trustee.

Cuthbertson holds a Master’s Degree in English and Russian Literature and linguistics from the University of Zurich. She speaks several languages and is an extensive world traveler.

Carmen has lived in Flathead County for more than 25 years and is a local business owner. She has a solid financial background, has performed as the bookkeeper for her business, and understands standard accounting practices. The financial well-being of the library is a big part of the Board’s responsibility. She has a healthy respect for taxpayers’ money and wants to see it well spent.

This educated and learned woman has raised her family in the Flathead and is proud to call this her home. Together with her husband, she has been an active member in the Flathead Valley for years, including activities such as the Flathead Valley Community Band, Boy Scouts, Daybreak Rotary, and Friends of the Library.

Cuthbertson also has Board of Trustee experience. She served as Treasurer on the Kalispell Montessori Elementary School Board and has a full understanding of how boards work. She is willing to ‘dig into’ the online learning tools for trustees provided by the Montana State Library and ask the County Attorney for specific information. She has time, energy, and the desire to do a fantastic job on the ImagineIF Library Board.

She has read the ImagineIf 5-year Strategic Plan that comes to an end this year and is excited to evaluate the goals outlined in the plan and work on the next one. She is familiar with the 2013 Facilities Assessment, which called for the expansion of library space. Cuthbertson is eager to work on these issues, which she finds very pressing, and is hoping for an open, well-lit space which currently is a problem that plagues, especially the Kalispell location.

The last thing Cuthbertson desires to do is to abolish and censor a multitude of books. She and others, however, understand and KNOW how deeply dangerous and perhaps deadly the book ‘Gender Queer’ is-and NOT because the book is steeped in LGBTQ language (even though it is).

Cuthbertson, just like all logical and ethical-minded citizens, wants what is safe, good, and suitable for our youth. ‘Gender Queer’ is not only filthy reading material, but it at the very least needs to be safely tucked away in the library and not easily accessible to minors.

Gender Queer falsifies and skews matters to such a degree that is unsuitable for unsuspecting youth. It could cause a teen or child to want to commit suicide as it leaves such an impression of low esteem (and heaven knows we don’t need any more suicide cases in Flathead County) or to want to cut off their breasts and describes Pap Smears in such a deviant and grotesque manner that a teenager or young woman could be frightened into not wanting to receive one.

The local leader of Loves Lives Here stated that “Gender Queer is a beautiful book.”

ImagineIF Library in Kalispell contains over 600 books with gay images and text. No one is trying to censor them.

But ‘Gender Queer’ is way beyond these books. Even gay couples nationwide have stated how dangerous it is.

Cuthbertson is balanced. She has no notion of coming in and doing away with books but she does want the library to be a safe place and especially for minor children. We all do.

Call to Action!: Please (immediately) contact each of the Flathead County Commissioners politely asking them to appoint Carmen Cuthbertson as she is the best choice by far to be the next appointee to the ImagineIf Library Trustee position.

We urge you to contact by email or phone call the three Flathead County Commissioners. There is also an open meeting this Thursday, June 30th in the Commissioners’ Chambers upstairs in the Old Courthouse building in Kalispell on 800 South Main St. Room 302 at 8:45 (public comment time) all are welcome to attend.

8:45 (Public Comment)

9:15 (Library Board Appointment)

Carmen Cuthbertson is an excellent fit for the ImagineIF Library Board of Trustees!

Pam Holmquist:
Brad Abell:
Randy Brodehl:

 Commissioners Phone Number-(406) 758-5503


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