Woman Mistakes Baby Hummingbird for Leaf-Saves its Life (video included)


When April Rose walked out on her deck to help her mom clear some leaves and prune the backyard, she assumed she was about to do a simple chore. Then, she spotted something that wasn’t what it seemed.

“I happened to look down by a rocking chair and saw a little blob that I thought was a leaf,” Rose told The Dodo.

She approached the odd-shaped leaf and bent down to examine it.

“I walked over to it because I wasn’t sure, and, as I squatted down, I realized it was a baby hummingbird!” Rose said.

As a nature and bird lover, Rose knew she had to do something for the tiny baby who was too young to fly on her own. She picked up the little bird and placed her on an overturned water dish so she’d be easier for her mom to find.

“She looked scared, and she started trying to fly but couldn’t,” Rose said. “I started looking around to see if Mom was anywhere, but at that time, she wasn’t — not that we saw, anyway.”

Rose left to try and locate the baby’s nest; however, hummingbird nests are typically built high up in trees or in thick shrubbery and are about the size of a ping-pong ball. With a nest so small and well-camouflaged, she had a hard time spotting it.

Unable to find the roost, Rose got to work on creating a makeshift nest, where the tiny baby would be safe and warm.

However, while Rose was occupied, the hummingbird mom returned, attempting to nudge and pick up her wayward child. But the little bird was too heavy for her to carry. “It was sad and beautiful all at the same time,” Rose said.

You can read the rest of the story here. Article by ‘the dodo’ By Lily Feinn


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