Missoula Artist Paints the Town at Night (video within)

Closeup of hand mixing paint on palette at workshop. Concept of professions and unusual people. Hands closeup

MISSOULA — Even when the sun sets on Missoula, a colorful glow keeps the city alive.

Standing behind his easel, a signature headlamp illuminating his canvas, Roger Mason explains why nighttime is the perfect time for his craft.

“What you get are these moments with the light and things that will never ever happen again,” said Mason.

Light and art, according to Mason, go together like paint and palette.

He’s new to Missoula, and what better way to get to know the Garden City than to see it through the lens of an artist?

“It’s just so dang quiet; folks are friendly,” he said.

Missoula Club, Dairy Queen, Red’s Bar, and more – He captures Missoula fossils because even as a newcomer, he understands the changing landscape of this place.

You can read the full story here.
By: Megan Mannering of KPAX News


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