Montana 2022: Where Everything is Late-Spring, Summer, Gardens, Fires??… (and even the Mosquitos)

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I have lived in Montana for most of 50 years, and NEVER have I witnessed a summer (or spring for that matter) with what we are going through now.

Spring was so incredibly late this year. The cold temperatures we experienced in April and May are what caused all the mountain craziness (meaning late snow up high). This, in turn, is how we ended up with all the flooding (well, most of it). The intense snowfall which took place and continued until recently set the flooding in motion. Some folks try to say it was from so much rain, but actually, it was from the snow up high.

There was some flash flooding that happened and particularly in Helena (the old downtown area), to the point those folks received donations to help offset the damage incurred.

Gardens are just NOW really starting to flourish and take off! Yes, people are still putting in tomatoes and green beans plants, and potatoes right into the soil!

In Montana (well, at least the Northwestern part the rainy month is usually June. This month we experienced rain in June and every other day in July! The mosquitos are confused as often they have their hay day in June, but so far, they’ve been notorious and nasty all July, in fact, worse than ever!

Raspberries are about three weeks late, and huckleberries are too, for the most part.

What does this all mean? Well, in my estimation, I’m guessing summer will extend much longer, perhaps even until the end of September and maybe the first week of October! I’m predicting a late apple and pear harvest and a good one at that with all this crazy moisture (for which every Montanan is eternally grateful).

And what about the fires? Will we see horrific forest fires such as we’ve experienced in the last five years or so? Possibly. With all the moisture, will it be enough to keep the fires at bay? Hopefully, we will continue to get more rain.

We know the ‘Environmentalists’ refuse to let the loggers clean out the forest floor comprised of dead sticks, leaves, and debris which is what has been the cause of such horrific fires these last few years. We can only hope and pray this year will be different and the rain continues.

As the summer continues MDG will keep you abreast of the situation concerning these matters as we research what’s going on around us.


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