Kalispell Costco: Sells Weird Burgers with “Soyleghemoglobin” (Burgers to Reduce Cow Consumption)


The environmentalists will stop at nothing to save the planet and don’t care if they have to reduce cow consumption to do so. If Costco in Kalispell is selling these woke burgers, then most likely the rest of MT Costcos do too. Support local farmer/rancher and buy half a cow to put in your freezer.

You can learn about Soyleghemoglobin here. (Government of Canada)

Check out “Impossible Burgers” here. (Impossiblefoods.com)

Impossible Burger frozen patties 8 ct available at Costco front angle on purple background
Impossible Burger is also way better for the planet — it uses 96% less land, 87% less water and generates 89% less GHG emissions than beef from a cow. 

Read below to learn the real reason they don’t want you feasting on cows.


“The end of 2018 saw landmark publications connecting food to climate, proposing ‘livable’ climate scenarios, and predicting a quantifiable mess unless there is rapid collective action. Now, the historically sluggish pace of past climate action is prompting protests(opens in a new tab) and rallies around the world(opens in a new tab) — notably led by Earth’s younger residents. They’re not just frustrated — they’re kind of pissed(opens in a new tab). They’re mobilizing, and it’s awesome.

It’s sometimes annoying when people say, ‘Oh, you children, you young people are the hope. You will save the world’ … I think it would be helpful if you could help us just a little bit.” — Greta Thunberg, political activist and climate strike leader, 16

Few people — particularly those who will inherit the planet — would be content when confronted with the news that Earth is in the middle of its sixth mass extinction(opens in a new tab): that ice caps are melting (probably heading straight for your sea-level basement) and polar bears are disappearing. Nearly half of all young Americans consider the health of the planet to be the most important part of the US international agenda.

In fact, 92% of American youth say they are willing to act(opens in a new tab) in small ways for a global future that leaves no one behind. Small actions, done widely, add up to big changes for the planet.

At Impossible Foods, we decided a long time ago that we weren’t just going to sit on our heels(opens in a new tab) either about this whole trashing the planet thing. While our approach is relentless optimism for creating solutions that avert climate change and preserve biodiversity, we know that being a little angry drives determination. Students marching out of classrooms are, very reasonably, asking for a whole lot more determination from the generations that preceded them.

If we just sit back, farming animals may take up half of the internationally recognized climate budget(opens in a new tab), despite the flexible nature of what people eat. Continuing to rely on animals for meat will overextend natural resources beyond repair. Even investors holding billions of dollars in fast-food assets are calling on the animal product retailers to make big changes(opens in a new tab).


Decreasing demand for cattle would shrink greenhouse gas emissions while increasing the amount of carbon stored through vegetation. It would slow deforestation and biodiversity loss. It would release land from overgrazed pasture and soy monoculture back into carbon-grabbing forests and grasslands. And it would avoid putting all our eggs into the energy sector basket (climate mitigation plans are betting hard on renewables(opens in a new tab) when so much can be achieved through diet).

A plant-based meat transition wouldn’t require new infrastructure or new forms of capital. A plant-based food system would bend existing value chains, unlike the drastic energy infrastructure changes proposed to upend coal (still the world’s primary fuel source). It also wouldn’t require depending on rapid and dramatic yield improvements in the existing agricultural system.”

Don’t fall for this nonsense. God gave us cows and chicken and flesh foods for our consumption. Call a local rancher and buy a steer.


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