Crazy Strictness and Paranoia Take Place at ‘Anime North’ in Ontario (Entertaining Video Footage Within)

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Read below and watch the unbelievable footage, and you will see how completely paranoid folks are. Can’t people just breathe freely?

“Anime North is a three-day-long convention that celebrates anime, cosplay, manga, music, games, and other forms of Japanese culture. But it sure seemed to us that Anime North was being run by power-tripping COVID-Karens still stuck in 2020.

This is to say, all attendees were sternly informed that they had to wear an “acceptable mask at all times” — even if their costume included a mask, to begin with! (An “acceptable mask” meant a disposable medical mask or respirator that covered the mouth, nose, and chin. Cloth masks weren’t considered acceptable on their own, and masks could not contain holes, mesh, valves, or similar openings that would inhibit their protective function. Can’t be too careful, after all!)

Meanwhile, cosplay masks were not considered acceptable on their own – for example, a stormtrooper helmet or a mascot head.

And attendees were indeed asked by Anime North Imperial stormtroopers — er, we mean, staff — to take off their cosplay masks so that it could be verified that an acceptable mask was being worn beneath. Oh, what fun!”

And get this: there were even eating and drinking rules that were strictly enforced at Anime North.

You can read more here and view the video within as well. By David Menzies (Rebel News)


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