Pig Takes A Tumble Down Stairs-Owner Rushes Swine to ER


Kate is a bleeding heart for animals. She fosters dogs, has her own cats, snakes, birds, and even a potbellied pig for a pet now, and if her husband didn’t have anything to say about it, she would probably have many more animals. Kate is a veritable Dr. Doolittle.

Kate would do anything for her pets, even things that some people would consider crazy. She built an entire room in her house just for her birds and snakes so they could roam free in what used to be her office. She even lets the pig, Mavis, sleep in her bed with her and her husband.

It was because of this bad habit that Mavis had a little accident once that I heard about from Kate after the fact when she called to tell me what a horrible weekend she’d had.

Apparently, late at night, Kate’s husband Justin got up to use the bathroom, startling Mavis, the pig, up and out of the bed. He walked down the hall to the bathroom, and somehow, Mavis got underfoot, and he tripped over her, but instead of falling down himself, he sent Mavis tumbling down the stairs, squealing as she went.

This made Kate fly up from bed and run to rescue her wailing pig, and she was so distraught over the pain her pig was presenting that she insisted that her husband goes with her to take Mavis to the emergency room.

Not the emergency vet, oh no. She wanted to go to the emergency room.

Not wanting to argue with an insane wife, Justin loaded Mavis into the back of the car, where Kate crawled in with her to comfort her pet on the short ride to the ER. When they arrived, Justin carried Mavis inside, and Kate cried for help.

“Please, something happened to my pig; I think she might have broken one of her legs,” Kate cried.

The hospital staff balked. They would absolutely not examine or treat the pig and told them to leave immediately and go to the nearest animal hospital.

You can read the rest of the story here. Mary Duncan


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