BREAKING: Billings Again! “Freezer Down” Walmart Heights (Suspicious Activity Expected)


Montana Daily Gazette recently reported on all the “defrosting freezers” (supposed accidents but more likely shenanigans) a short while ago. Please read here to see the shifty business happening in the Billings area.

AND NOW, there’s, even more to be suspicious of (check out the information below).

Recent Walmart issues (Stock picture above)

Just yesterday, Walmart Billings-Main St announced the above. However, it seems fishy due to several Billings businesses having this same issue just a couple of weeks ago! What are the chances that all these “freezers go down” in such a short time?

Could it be that the plan is to destroy food and then only replace it with three times higher food prices?

Study up, friends, store your own food and lots of it. Prices in stores will skyrocket and already are! (Don’t forget what the employee in Billings Walmart stated earlier about food prices going crazy soon; click here to learn more and pay attention to the men in those suits).

Here is a great-affordable source (click here) of long-term storage of high-quality meat, fruits, and vegetables that won’t need refrigeration and will store for up to 25 years on the shelf! And you can earn money and credit towards free food! (Highly recommended, and most are organic too).

There are food distributors (warehouses) being burned to the ground nationwide. Click here. It’s time to wake up and take these matters seriously and into your own hands.

Please keep checking back with us to stay up-to-date on important events concerning this food crisis in Montana!


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