Citizens Infuriated Over Micah Hill’s Payraise-“We Told the School Board NO!”


The Flathead County voters said “no” to the recent School Levy (which did not pass in the primary ) and included teachers’ raises.

Fast forward, and the citizens continued to raise their concerns recently at the School District 5 school board meeting, where they staunchly begged the School District 5 Board to refuse yet another raise for School Board Superintendent Micah Hill.

There were, however, three logically minded SD5 board members who chose to listen to the citizens they represent by voting against another pay raise for Hill and an excessive one at that). Lloyd Bondy, Heather Asher, and Jennifer Sevier are to be commended for their reasonable assessment of the situation. Unfortunately, at the same time, the other SD5 Board members disregarded the wishes of the citizens of Flathead County by voting affirmatively for the raise. Jack Fallon (who recently ran for County Commissioner and lost) voted “yes” and then immediately left the room.

Below is a copy of the Agenda for perusal.

A 6.5% percent raise is entirely unacceptable.

Below you can read what a conscientious resident had to say.

Once again, School District 5 does what it pleases regardless of the publics’ input (except for the three commended above).

Don’t give in or give up. Continue to speak your voices, for you are the taxpayer paying Hill’s wage. How tragic.


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