Call to Action-Libby MT: Granite Pharmacy Sells ‘Chirpeez’ (Crickets) Residents Not Happy

Young man eating insects, seasoned grasshoppers, entomophagy concept, mexican food

Granite Pharmacy in located in multiple areas throughout Montana (see below)

‘Chirpeez’ are flavored crickets. But they are so much more than that. They are ‘sustainable’ and ‘good for the planet’ and ‘humane and environmentally friendly.’ (No, they really aren’t).

Guess what the left doesn’t feel is safe for the planet? BEEF. Well this is Montana the beef capitol of the universe.

Crickets also give humans and animals parasites according to the National Institute of Health in an abstract they published.

Several residents in Libby are going to respectfully be calling Granite Pharmacy and asking them not to sell bugs of any kind or anything with the term ‘sustainable’ on the label. The list above has phone numbers where you can also call the Libby pharmacy as well as other Granite Pharmacies in the state.

One particular Libby resident noted, “They are selling crickets at the main checkout right next to the cash register.”

There’s no hiding this. Get involved. Educate Montana businesses and ask them to say NO to bugs, bug flour and anything with the world ‘sustainable’ attached to it.


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