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David Morrill

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Commies in the Classroom

The "Zinn Education Project," named for anti-American socialist Howard Zinn and founded on the upside-down and false history taught in Zinn's book A People's...

Biden is the President We Deserve

Note: I originally wrote this Op-Ed on January 20th, 2021. Considering the debacle that is our inept, dishonorable, and cowardly retreat from Afghanistan, I...

Op-Ed: Forced Military Vaccination is a Grave Security Threat

Note: The opinions in this column are the personal views of the author and are not meant in any way to imply DoD endorsement...

Tell Every Service Member You Know: Military Cannot Legally Force the Vaccine Yet

Troops are being fooled into thinking they can be forced into taking a COVID-19 vaccine. Not so fast. In a memorandum to senior Pentagon Leadership...

Must read

Election Integrity Symposium Coming to Ravalli County

The Ravalli Republican Women will host an Election Integrity...

Lies Live Here: Why ‘Love Lives Here’ is a Kalispell Hate Group

Using tactics acquired from the Church of Scientology, Love...
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